If you haven't heard E.G. Kight, you absolutely must.  We caught her show in Huntsville, Alabama recently, and it was mighty fine.  If you love blues and emotional vocal performance, you will love E.G.

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My old friend, Dave Pomeroy, has recently revamped his website.  If you haven't checked him out lately, do so.  He is a fabulous bass player, writer, arranger, producer, and just an all-round exceptional talent.  His company is Earwave productions in Nashville.

If you're in the Birmingham, Alabama area, and want to hear some great music, visit the Moonlight Music Cafe in Vestavia Hills.  It's a great room with wonderful talent, and the folks who run it are most gracious.

My friends, Mac and Wesley McDonald of the bluegrass duo, WILD HARE, have their new CD out.  It's called James Hemenway, and it has 11 of my songs on it.  I happen to think it's a great project-unique and soulful.  Check it out. www.wildharebluegrass.com